Our Feedback

Our NHS contract now asks us to provide information on the percentage of our patients who would recommend our Practice to their Friends or Family.

If you would like to complete a short feedback form please pick one up from our reception areas and return it so we can collate the information. This information has to be fed back to NHS England who use it to compare practices across the country.

You will also have the opportunity to leave any other comments about your experience at the Surgery.

Whilst we are always happy to receive any constructive comments this does not replace our In House complaints procedure which should still be used if you wish to resolve any problems you may have encountered with our services.

A selection of recent feedback figures from those Patients who would recommend our practice to Friends and Family:

January 2017  2 out of 3 of respondants said 'Extremely Likely' 1 out of 3  said 'Neither likely nor unlikely

February 2017 7 out of 9  respondants said 'Extremely Likely' or 'Likely', 1 out of 9 said neither likely nor unlikely and 1 out of 9 said unlikely.

March 2017 100% of respondants said ' Extremely likely'

April 2017 2 0ut of 3 of respondants said 'Extremely Likely' 1 out of 3 said 'likely'

July 2017 100% of respondants said 'Extremely Likely'

August 2017 3 out of 5  of respondants said 'Extremely Likely' 2 out of 5 said 'likely'

September 2017 3 out of 5  of respondants said 'Extremely Likely' 2 out of 5 said 'likely'

November 2017 1 of 2  of respondants' said 'Extremely Likely' 1 said 'likely'

December 2017  1 out of 2 of Respondants said 'Extremely Likely' one of 2 said likely (one said dont know)


'If I had a gold star I would attach one! Everyone is always excellent that I deal with.'

'Always very satisfied'

'Always willing to help, appointments normally quite easy to get'

'Easy to get appointments'

'Emergency appointment service excellent from this practice'

'Have always had excellent service for the past 45 years'

'Always accessible, unfailingly caring and polite, excellent modern premises 10 out of 10'

'Very accomodating for appointments , can always be see when required'

'Never have trouble with appointments and staff are very helpful'

'As always excellent in every way'

'GP is always helpful and explains things in every way'

'Great service as usual'

'Extremely good service, prompt attention, high patient care'

'Receptionists fab, service fab, super doctors.'

'We are so pleased with the service that this practice gives'

'We are so fortunate at this practice to be able to get appointments and the medical attention that we need'

Patient Participation Group

If you have any suggestions that you would like our patient participation group to discuss with the practice please let us know via our practice manager .

To see our most recent CQC inspection report please click here.